What do you value most in life?

As I was driving my daughter to school, and then driving to work this morning, a question kept popping into my head–what do I really value most in my life? Of course, I could tell you all the popular things many people say: faith, family, friends, but if that were true, do we act like they are the things we value most?

Name Brand Clothes at Bargain Prices

In my family, we have two teenage boys, a pre-teen daughter (or should I say “tween” daughter), my husband and I. To go to the mall, or to shop online, to get name brand clothes would cost us a fortune! Being pennywise means finding good value for your money. One of the best ways IContinue reading “Name Brand Clothes at Bargain Prices”

Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving is a holiday that isn’t always as thankful as it should be — while Thanksgiving should be about things you are thankful for, and spending time with your family, you don’t always feel thankful. 🙂 After spending hours upon hours at the grocery store, and then spending all day cooking dinner for a few moments togetherContinue reading “Thanksgiving on a Budget”

Inexpensive and Fun Halloween Food

Spiderweb Brownies These spooky brownies are super-easy to make! I learned about them from Delish – Cobweb Brownies You basically just make up any boxed brownie recipe or use your favorite brownie recipe, then melt marshmallows in a small pan, stirring constantly. Warning! Don’t put marshmallows in the microwave – they enlarge and enlarge andContinue reading “Inexpensive and Fun Halloween Food”

Pennywise Families

Debt can be quite a burden, and having debt impacts your ability to do things with your family. My purpose for starting this blog was, and is to help others. I want to pass along the knowledge I derive to help my own family to dig out of debt and live life to the fullestContinue reading “Pennywise Families”