What do you value most in life?

As I was driving my daughter to school, and then driving to work this morning, a question kept popping into my head–what do I really value most in my life? Of course, I could tell you all the popular things many people say: faith, family, friends, but if that were true, do we act like they are the things we value most?

Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure lies, there will your heart be also.” I think that is talking about more than just monetary treasure. I believe that verse is also talking about what we do with our time. In my opinion, how we spend our time, how we treat the people we love, and how we spend our money all show what most of us value in our lives.

However, not everything is so black and white. For instance, my husband and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to pay our bills. He works three jobs–a full-time job, a job that takes him about an hour, or so per day; and a weekly job at our church. Occasionally, he works as a DJ, too. Why does he do all this–because he values money? No. He does all this because he values us–me and our kids, and he wants the best for us. Like him, I do what I can for our family, though because of my medical issues, I cannot work as much. We work in order to pay a lot of medical bills, our regular bills, and our student loans, but what we really value is our faith, time with our kids and extended family, and our friendships.

My daughter and I have had some hypothetical discussions lately about what we would do if we won the lottery and had a million or more to spend. I told her the first thing I would do would be to pay off our student loan debt, and medical debt. Probably the next thing would be to give back to our families and church for all the help they have provided, but once things all settled down, I would love to create a foundation for helping people fix their roofs.

Fix their roofs? Not many people talk about doing that, but I have a heart for it. Why? Because my heart, and everything I value is in my home. If you have a great foundation–faith, family, and friends, but you have no roof–you’ll never feel safe, secure, warm, loved. In the area where we live, we see a lot of newer homes, but we also see some run-down, lower-income homes. One in particular, has a tarp stapled all the way across the roof. Another has shingles missing and you can clearly see a hole. Both would be cold in the winter, and would need to have a lot of heat in order to stave off the cold. Although my roof has always been sturdy, I can see how money would need to be earned and spent to keep the family feeling safe and warm.

I am Christian and I understand and believe that God will take care of us when we need it most, and I believe that one of those ways is through the hearts of other people. I don’t know why I have thought so much about building a foundation to help others, but I do know that I hope someday to get me and my family out from under our medical bills. I hope someday I get the chance to pay back all of the help I have received from family, friends, and our church, and I hope someday to be able to build a foundation to help put a roof over families’ heads.

What do you value most? Does it show in what you do, say, act? I would love to hear your comments!

Published by Nichole Smart

I have a family of five with three children (19, 15, and 11). We live in a small town, where we drive 20 min for groceries and other items. I was in a bad accident a little over 3 years ago, that caused a lot of nerve damage to my foot. With mounting medical bills, we needed to find a way to save money, and still live an abundant life. This blog was born to help others. I thought the research I was doing to save money for my own family might be beneficial for other Pennywise Families, too! Join Pennywise Families to find ways to save money, and to share your tips for others! Please feel free to comment on any of the blogs!

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