King Midas Days

Have you ever had a King Midas Day? If you remember your fairytales, King Midas was blessed, or cursed, with everything he touched turning to gold. However, when I have a King Midas Day, it is more like everything I touch turns to $!@#. 🤗

Yesterday, I had a definite King Midas Day from the second I woke up. I can’t see without my glasses–I can’t even see my glasses!! Always put in the same place on my bed’s headboard every night, I wake up and reach for them by feel. But, yesterday morning they weren’t there! I called in the cavalry–and my husband and daughter, in a hurry to leave, searched high and low for them, but they couldn’t find them. Finally, I resorted to wearing my spare glasses–a very scratched pair of old glasses with the wrong prescription. King Midas Day.

About to leave for work, I couldn’t find my purse anywhere. Remembering my husband had warmed up my car, I grabbed my cellphone to call him. I dialed his number and pressed the green call button. The call immediately ended. I tried again. Same result. No matter what number I called, no call was made. King Midas Day.

I finally found my purse, and having no time for my phone issues, I drove to my chiropractic apointment.

I always carry my water bottle with me, and yesterday was no exception. After my adjustment, I went into the relaxation room to ice my back and relax before going to work. I set my water bottle down next to the chair, leaned back, and relaxed for 15 minutes, then drove to work.

Now at work, I looked for my water bottle, and realized it was still in the relaxation room. Bummer! King Midas Day.

I go into my office, and find a table with clients, and their information on it. Puzzled, I sat down and opened the Excel Spreadsheet I had completed a few days ago. Comparing the information on the paper I was given to the spreadsheet I had completed, I could see that I had messed up my spreadsheet by not selecting the whole row when I had inserted some information, throwing the whole spreadsheet off. What’s worse–I had corrected the error later on. That’s what I get for not completing the 8 page spreadsheet all in one day. It took me nearly three hours to fix with the corrections and proofreading. King Midas Day.

Having updated my phone during my commute, it finally worked again. I picked up my water bottle and was starting to feel better about my day. As my co-worker said to me, “Your day can only get better from here.”

I picked up my daughter from school and started my 30-minute commute home. While driving, my phone rang. I answered it. My son was calling to tell me our 15-year-old Maltese dog wasn’t acting right. He said Harley was shaking so badly he couldn’t stand up, he wasn’t breathing right, and that he had poop in his tail. (Having a bushy tail, that happened sometimes.) King Midas Day.

Thinking it may be time to him down, as we had also recently learned he had an enlarged heart, I asked if his older brother could meet me partway, so I could give him my daughter and I could grab our dog without having to drive all the way home.

At the veterinarian office, I smelled something. Yep. He had an entire log hanging from his tail, and my right pantleg was covered in it. King Midas Day.

Giving them my dog, I went into the restroom and cleaned up.

The doctor came in. Good news, we don’t have to put him down. Bad news, it looks like he has cancer. King Midas Day.

The drive back home seemed longer than usual. This cute, little white dog was my baby, my baby. He followed me everywhere, and slept at my feet.

Finally at home, my son found my glasses, my husband gave our dog a bath, I was able to get my own bath and change clothes, and my husband helped me clean out and organize our pantry. My King Midas Day was finally over. I got ready for bed, and began planning for tomorrow, knowing it was going to be a great day, as everyday is a new day, a new start, a new chance to begin anew.

Published by Nichole Smart

I have a family of five with three children (19, 15, and 11). We live in a small town, where we drive 20 min for groceries and other items. I was in a bad accident a little over 3 years ago, that caused a lot of nerve damage to my foot. With mounting medical bills, we needed to find a way to save money, and still live an abundant life. This blog was born to help others. I thought the research I was doing to save money for my own family might be beneficial for other Pennywise Families, too! Join Pennywise Families to find ways to save money, and to share your tips for others! Please feel free to comment on any of the blogs!

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