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Debt can be quite a burden, and having debt impacts your ability to do things with your family. My purpose for starting this blog was, and is to help others. I want to pass along the knowledge I derive to help my own family to dig out of debt and live life to the fullest to other Pennywise Families to help them live an abundant life on a tight budget, too!  Here, you will find crisis recipes (recipes you can feed your family for very little money); fun, frugal activities; a page to share your favorite Pennywise Families tips, and more! Join us every Monday morning for pennywise articles.

Coming, Monday, October 30th:

  • Halloween Party Foods
  • Last-minute Halloween Costumes

Monday, November 6th, you’ll find:

  • Pennywise Ways to Save Money on Utilities
  • Crisis Recipes



Published by Nichole Smart

I have a family of five with three children (19, 15, and 11). We live in a small town, where we drive 20 min for groceries and other items. I was in a bad accident a little over 3 years ago, that caused a lot of nerve damage to my foot. With mounting medical bills, we needed to find a way to save money, and still live an abundant life. This blog was born to help others. I thought the research I was doing to save money for my own family might be beneficial for other Pennywise Families, too! Join Pennywise Families to find ways to save money, and to share your tips for others! Please feel free to comment on any of the blogs!

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